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Moji Memory Test

The Moji Memory Test world is now live on VRChat!

The test is designed to evaluate whether use of VR hardware has an influence users' performance on a vocabulary memorization task.

Users who initiate the test perform two different versions of the memorization task in sequence―one with a 2D interface and another with a 3D interface. In order to control for practice effects, the interface order (2D or 3D) is randomly selected when the test is launched. Thus, because users can take the test using either hand controls (VR) or a mouse and keyboard (PC), there are four interface variants in total:

  • PC 2D (group 1)

  • PC 3D (group 2)

  • VR 2D (group 3)

  • VR 3D (group 4)

Once enough results have been collected, it will be interesting to see whether use of VR hardware influenced participants' task performance. Look forward to a blog on that in the coming months.

If you are interested in trying the test for yourself, download VRChat on Steam, then search for 'Moji Memory Test' in the Community Labs section of the World Search tab in VRChat.

If you submit a score by 2020-10-31, you can win up to $100 for having the top high-score or $50 just for taking the test.

Winners will be announced at on or after 2020-10-31.

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